Correcciones proyecto Reconstrucción de Anhanguera piscator - Ilustra paleontología

Curso: Ilustra paleontología
Docente: Hugo Salais
Proyecto: Reconstrucción de Anhanguera piscator
Alumna: Loes Roos

Reconstrucción esqueleto Anhanguera piscator
Reconstrucción musculatura Anhanguera piscator
Reconstrucción aspecto externo Anhanguera psicator – estudio cabeza

Corrección proyecto final – revisión intermedia 

I am a Dutch biologist living in Panama and crazy enough to have prepared bones from animals at home. Now, after completing the Ilustra paleontologia course, I feel I can understand more about fossils than ever before.
The course was well built up, technical and intensive but very rewarding. Lots of reading in the beginning but the more you read the better you understand the animal. I enjoyed the liberty in technique selection, being able to go from one medium to another depending on the assignment. In addition to his teaching, Hugo gave very useful resources and extra material, and was very apt at stimulating alumni to engage in the forum and social media, it was nice to get to know the other participants and even get feedback and help from them. Finally, I cannot stress enough how I really really appreciate that our works will be printed for a exhibition in two natural history museums in Spain, which motivated me to create a beautiful and scientifically correct final project
Many thanks to everybody in Illustraciencia.
Loes Roos

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